Automobile accidents cause significant injuries that leave lasting impacts on drivers and their families.

In addition to these injuries, property damage leads to costly repairs, complex insurance processes, and the loss of transportation.

Knowing how to handle property damage after an accident saves you money and ensures that your rights are fully protected under Georgia law.


There are many issues that drivers face after a car accident. Insurance companies often do their best to avoid accepting liability on behalf of their insured drivers.

This keeps you from getting the repairs you need and prevents you from obtaining a rental vehicle while your car is getting repaired.

It interferes with your ability to meet your daily responsibilities and may require you to incur expenses out of your own pocket.

In general, insurance companies have an obligation to investigate the details related to an accident before agreeing to provide benefits. This increases the time required to recover any losses.

Seeking to resolve property damage is an inconvenient and time-consuming process when you don’t have the legal resources required to deal with insurance companies.


Accident victims are typically entitled to compensation for vehicle repairs. In cases where an automobile is “totaled”, the cost of repairs exceeds the car’s value, and victims are entitled to receive fair market value.

Drivers looking to file a property damage claim must provide a copy of the accident report. Responding police officers write this Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Report, and drivers can obtain a copy through the police department.

The report identifies who was at fault, which is critical to the success of your claim. It also includes the other driver’s insurance information, which makes it easy for you to contact the appropriate representative.

Once you report the accident, an insurance adjuster is assigned to work with you to reach a resolution.

Keep in mind that the adjuster is not looking out for your best interest. Insurance companies prioritize their insured drivers while minimizing the benefits they pay out.

There are strategies used by adjusters to persuade you to accept settlements quickly. Requests for recorded statements and delays are common, and you should consult with an attorney to avoid these and other issues and receive your just compensation.


If your car has been totaled, take the steps to acquire a higher market value. Drivers run into problems when the fair market value offered by insurance companies does not cover the outstanding debt on the automobile.

Although gap coverage can protect drivers against these issues, not all drivers carry this protection. But there are resources that can help you obtain a higher compensation from an insurance company.

These include the Kelly Bluebook and automobile websites. By researching the prices listed in these and other sources, you can present your case to insurance companies in order to achieve the maximum market value payment.

In cases where an automobile can be repaired, drivers must make sure that the work provided meets quality standards. Parts from the manufacturer should be used to prevent issues in the future.

Drivers can also be compensated for the loss in value of the automobile due to its involvement in an accident.

A skilled attorney with experience in property damage claims helps you obtain a fair compensation for your property damage and personal injuries.

Filing a successful property damage claim after an accident can be complicated, and drivers may be vulnerable to being misled by insurance adjusters.

Your rights can be fully protected with the help of an attorney. You’ll have the legal resources needed to recover losses and resume your daily activities so that you can fully recover from your car accident.