When it comes to resolving a legal matter outside of the courthouse, there is no better dispute resolution process than mediation. If you’re currently in the process of trying to settle a legal issue or dispute, you may not be aware of what options are available to you. At Edenfield, Cox, Bruce, Edenfield & Colson, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience. We excel at providing mediation services to the people of Statesboro, and in today’s blog, we’ll review the mediation process and its benefits. Call us at 912-764-8600 to speak with an attorney!

What is Mediation?

When you and another party have a legal matter that you wish to settle in the absence obtaining a legal judgement, mediation may be an option. When mediation is chosen as an avenue of alternative dispute resolution, a neutral third party mediator meets with all involved parties to facilitate purposeful and respectful communication in attempts to reach an amicable solution for everyone involved. While mediation can be a helpful avenue for settling legal matters, it is not appropriate for all cases.

What Matters are Appropriate for Mediation?

As a general rule of thumb, mediation is available and appropriate for most legal matters that are non-criminal in nature. It can be very helpful in resolving conflict between divorcing spouses and settling disputes between family members, business partners, neighbors, and landlords and their tenants. Depending on where you live, mediation may be mandatory in certain types of cases.

Benefits of Mediation

If you’re considering mediation, you may wonder about the benefits of the process. We’ve listed a few of them below.


When you opt to participate in mediation, you could potentially shave years off of the legal process necessary to resolve your legal matter. Given the nature of our congested justice system, it could take years to get a judgement from the courts on a matter, but mediation can be completed in a matter of hours or days.


Mediations are more confidential than court cases. When you file a lawsuit and take your legal matter before a judge, the details of your case become a matter of public record. When you participate in mediation, the conversations and negotiations that take place during the process are usually sealed and kept private.


Mediation can be substantially more affordable than a long, drawn out matter before a judge. Depending on factors such as how many mediation sessions are necessary and whether or not you require the presence of an attorney, the chances of a more affordable legal experience is likely.

Mediation Services in Statesboro

If you’re a resident of Statesboro who is in need of well-qualified legal representation, contact the team at Edenfield, Cox, Bruce, Edenfield & Colson to request a consultation. We are happy to review your case and determine whether or not mediation services are the best way to resolve your legal matter. Call 912-764-8600 to get started!